“Guided Imagery and a Song” music therapy activity for teens and adults

-Goal Area: self-expression, emotional expression
Name of Activity: Guided imagery and a song
-Objective: Clients undergo a simple guided imagery experience and make a song  or sound poem about what they imagined/experienced. 
-Materials: A good guided imagery song conducive to the client’s needs and  interesting age-appropriate instruments.
-Method: This is not my expertise so feel free to write you own activities and send!  Give the guided imagery experience, at the level which is appropriate to your training.   The clients then make a song or poem about what they experienced.  Perform and discuss.  Songs can be as short or long as client’s need.   A Cinquain form below and is a good, simple way to get clients writing. This has the potential to “get deep” so be sure you are able to handle emotions both discussed and expressed verbally and musically. If you feel uncertain in this, ask  the proper professional to join you.   
-Adaptations: Have the people draw a scene from their experience and discuss. Write a group song.  Make an accompanying video from the pictures or other sources. 
-Submitted by: (optional name and email)  Margie@musictherapytunes.com
A cinquain form is this:  You will be writing a five line poem. The first line is one word. The next line consists of two words elaborating on line one. The third line is three words long.  Fourth line is four words, and the fifth line is one word.   You can do it to any poetry form you with. Haiku, fill in the blank.  Try this one:  I saw______.  I felt________.  I wanted_________  I wish______I will__________.    Do a poem with the 5 senses.

“Solar System Song” music therapy for children and adolescents

Age: 6-10 +/-
-Goal Area: Academic: Review of Solar System
-Objective: To help students learn the names of the planets and a few simple facts.
-Materials: song. You can also use pictures, mobiles, books….
-Method: Sing and teach
-Adaptations: (optional) Dress up the music and chords for older students.
-From: CanTeach.com with chorus by Amanda G. Ellis, MT-BC at “morewithmusic.com”
Margie couldn’t find their melodies but notes that it works well with “Ol’ Joe Clark” from Youtube. You can  tweak the chorus a little like
A                                                                                             G    A          
“Round and round the planets go round and round  the sun.”  

Chorus: With a round, round go around the planets go around the sun.
With a round, round, go around, the planets go around the sun. 
Mercury is hot and Mercury is small.
                                                                   G       A
Mercury has no atmosphere. It’s just a rocky ball.
            Venus has thick clouds that hide what is below.
            The air is foul, the ground is hot. It rotates very slow.
We love the Earth, our home: its oceans and its trees.
We eat its food.  We breath its air.  So no pollution, please.
            Mars is very red. It’s also dry and cold.
            Someday you might visit Mars if you are very bold.
Jupiter is big. We’ve studied it a lot.
We found that it has 16 moons and a big red spot.
            Saturn has big rings. We wondered what they were.
            Now we know they’re icy rocks-which we say as a blur.
Uranus and Neptune are so very far away.
Neptune has a frozen moon. That’s all there is to say.
Pluto – no more planethood. Your orbit doesn’t fit.
Neptune comes before you but you cross in front of it.  (by Margie)