“Dinosaur Feelings” music therapy activity for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and other kids

-Age:  6 to 12 and younger
-Goal Area: Emotional expression
-Name of Activity: Dinosaur Feelings (also can be used at Halloween or with animals and other characters.)  The kids always like this one.
-Objective: Kids act out the feelings mentioned in the song.  A discussion can follow about what makes them feel various ways.
-Materials: song, can have pictures of various emotions
-Method: Sing. Act. Discuss.
-Adaptations: Kids can draw their different faces and hold them up.
-Submitted by: (optional name and email) Margie@musictherapytunes.com   source unknown
-Tune:  Twinkle Twinkle.  I sing it in a minor key. Use a different tune of your choice.
-Words:  Dinosaurs short.  Dinosaurs tall.  Scarey,  friendly, and that’s not all. 
             Some feel happy.  Some feel sad. Some feel scared and some feel mad!
              We like dinosaurs here and there.  We like dinosaurs everywhere.
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