“3 Great Sound Poems” – music therapy social skills interventions for teenagers and thereabouts

-Goal: Cooperation, working as a team
-Name of Activity: Indians  (change as you wish.) Sound Poem
-Materials: Drums (2)  cymbols, whistle, sand blocks
-Method: Review the poem with the kids. Assign each child (or group thereof) an instrument.  Kids play their instruments at specific times providing a musical background for the poem. 
-Source: Byrd Baylor (I think)
-Adaptations: If the children can not read, make up drawings whereby they can
 “read”  the sequence of instruments.  Put your own instrumentation in. Record it. I have a video of this activity.
 Draw pictures and make a video. 
-Submitted by: Margie@musictherapytunes.com
Ka-trum. Katrum. Ka-trum. (drum 1)      When Buffalo run (drum 2)
They darken the sun. (cymbal)       They cover the sky as they pass by. (drum2)
Tall grasses lie flat (sandblocks)      and wild birds cry. (whistle)
And dry earth trembles as they pass by. (drum1)
Native Americans stay quiet as the grass. (sandblocks)
Quiet as the shadows where buffalo pass. (drum2)
Until the zing of an arrow (cymbal) and the shish of a spear (slide whistle)
tell you they must be somewhere near….. (all read/say together.)
Goal: Cooperation
Name of Activity: Native American Sound Poem (Works well with Thanksgiving)
Materials: poem,  guiro, bells, clatterpillar, drum, sand blocks.
Method:  Speaker reads the poem, instrumentalists play their instruments at the specified time.  Jam up a melody for it.
Namely, after each sentence.  
Submitted by: Margie@musictherapytunes.com
Source: Carol Bitcom
Instrumentation: Moccasins-guirro, bells, fire-clatterpillar, drums, brushes-sandblocks
Words:  Get your….
Moccasins creeping.   Ankle  bells ringing.  Fire spitting.  Drums beating. Brushes swishing.
Here We have a tale to tell.
Moccasins creeping. Bells ringing. Fire spitting. Drums beating . Brushes swishing
What will happen?   None of Us know. 
Goal: Cooperation, group contribution and participation.
Name of Activity:
Materials:  Silence  (a sound poem)
Method: The group creates background music/ sound effects  after each line of the poem is read.
Adaptations: Have the group read it emphasizing the last word of each sentence in a way that relates to that word.  Certainly, you can create your own image and sound poem.
Source: Eve Merriam – The inner city mother goose
Submitted by:  Margie@musictherapytunes.com
Hark, Hark the dogs do bark.  The neighbors yell. The babies cry. The busses grind. The bongs bong.
 The telephones ring. The jet plans fly. The car horns honk.  The taxis screech. The radio’s on. The TV’s high.
The rock and roll pours from the CD stores. The subway roars. The old women mutter in the gutter.
The rats squeak. The flies buzz. Only the roaches quietly crawl.
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