20 Graduation Songs for preschoolers, kindergarten, and older children app. for Music Therapy students

It’s that time of year for us to start planning for graduation and moving up! Here are some of the songs I’ve used in the past mixed in with a few new ones that I hope to teach the kids this year.  Please let me know what songs YOU use or have seen with your kids!  I’m looking for some new ones! Lyrics and chords should be on google and versions/samples up on you tube or amazon.  Some songs can be adapted to suit the needs of your kiddles.  More ideas are all over the “Videos” page.

2. There’s a train by Janice Buckner

3. All one Family under one Sky by Janice Buckner

4. Every single person makes the World go Round by Janice Buckner

5. It’s a Marvelous Day by the Learning Station

6. the Bear Hunt

7. Planting Seeds of Love by Pam Donkin

8. Best Day Ever by Sponge Bob (the movie)

9. My Roots Go Down  by Sarah Pirtle

10. Peace in my fingers” by Susan Salidor

11. What can you Do?    http://youtu.be/7MKmbyfhkkE

12. Family by Laurie Berkner

13. Love Grows by  Carol Johnson (?)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlpBQabQDxM (select,  right click, and pick go to…)

14. All for One in High School Musical

15. Oh, What a Miracle by Hap Palmer

16.  I’ve got the Sunshine in my Hands by the Partridge Family

17. Stand by Me

18. One Small Voice (a show stopper and you can sign to it.)

by Sesame Street  http://youtu.be/LujaFaxx1xQ

19. You Raise me Up by Josh Groben. http://youtu.be/oni0tO_HN30

20. There was a lovely Princess (an act out or little “play” song) https://www.musictherapytunes.com/wp/?p=459

by Margie La Bella of Music Therapy Tunes.

Please let me know what songs YOU do for graduation/moving up/shows with the people you work with! Let’s aim for 50 and then more. (They can be with any age!)

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