5 More Graduation Songs for preschool through elementary aged children. For music therapy, music education, and beyond.

Hi everyone. Here are 5 more songs that are good for graduation and moving up ceremonies.

The original list of 20 great graduation songs for kids is right here at https://www.musictherapytunes.com/wp/?p=1343

1. Roar by Katy Perry: If you feel the lyrics are a bit too mature, feel free to adapt.  Haven’t used this song yet, but the chorus is appealing to kids.  I  imagine that motions can be ascribed to at least the chorus.   http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/k/katy_perry/roar_crd.htm

2. Happy: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/p/pharrell_williams/happy_crd.htm

3. Walk the dinosaur: Cute routine and good teachable song chorus:


4. Pete the Cat songs:Free mp3s of each song and story at http://www.harpercollinschildrens.com/feature/petethecat  You can even try making your own Pete the Cat’s Rockin’ in my School Shoes video featuring pictures and/or video of your students. IF you do that: get appropriate parental and school permission and related signed forms!

Ready for a Whole New World  Good lyric content for Kindergarten graduation.  Words may be tricky but can be modified.    http://youtu.be/Q5735xfDc30


This has been a blog by Margie La Bella of Music Therapy Tunes on 5 more songs appropriate for graduation ceremonies for  children, adolescents, and adults who contend with autism, add, adhd, down’s syndrome, down syndrome, ptsd, trauma, psychiatric issues,  learning disabilities, ld, cp, and all the rest of us on our journey. Thank you for reading.

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