“Sneezing Song” music therapy song for vocalization

-Age: 0 to 5
-Goal Area: Expressive language, and good hygene.
-Name of Activity: I’ve got a cold in my nose
-Objective: children vocalize “ah-choo”  and say and/or point to their nose. (Kids think these noises are funny and will often vocalize.)
-Materials: I’ve got a cold in my nose – anybody know the source of these lyrics??
-Method: Sing along and encourage the objective
-Adaptations: (optional)  see verse two. 
-Submitted by: (optional name and email)  Margie@musictherapytunes.com
-Lyrics,chords, melody: I use another melody but it works well with “Popeye the Sailor man” (Check out the melody on youtube.)
 D                    A               D                                   G                 A               D
I’ve got a cold in my nose “ahh-chooo!    ”I ‘ve got a cold in my nose “ahh-chooo!”
    G                                     D                                            A                                        D
I went to the doctor to see what to do.      The doctor said, “I have one, too.” Ah-choo! Ah-choo!
Here’s a verse about coughing:   I’ve got a cough in my mouth.  I’ve got a cough in my mouth.
                                                     I drove in my car (beep, beep) and traveled down south.
                                                     And now I’ve got this cough in my mouth!
And about hiccups:              What do you do about hiccups?  What do you do with these hiccup?
                                              You could shout a big “boo” or “this is a stick-up” (you try to rhyme the word hiccup! Ok, you can change it.)
                                               I don’t know what to do with these hiccups!
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