“Turkey Trot” Thanksgiving music therapy and education activity for children with motions

Age: 0 to 5 and older
Goal Area: Listening skills, Thanksgiving
Name of Activity: Adapted Turkey Trot
Objective: Kids follow directions of song lyrics, sing “gobble, gobble” and clap/chant 1,2,3 at the correct time
Materials: song and kids
Submitted by: Margie@musictherapytunes.com
Tune: Turkey in the Straw 
 Source:  Ron Brown’s Turkey Strut available on “Intelli-Tunes”
 This is my adaptation of the song
Pull your hands right in.
Stick your elbows out.
Then you flap your wings
And walk about.
You can gobble to the left.
You can gobble to the right.
Then you shake your tail
With all your might.
(chorus) Gobble, gobble, 1 2 3 (chord C)
Gobble, gobble, 1 2 3  (chord F)
Gobble, gobble, 1 2 3 (C)
Gobble, gobble along with me! (CCGC)
Repeat as needed. 
I got this additional verse from Scholastic’s Clifford’s Listen and Do poster:
Strut like a turkey: go,go,go.
Scratch like a turkey with  your toe, toe, toe.
Flap like a turkey with a wobble, wobble, wobble.
Talk like a turkey with a gobble, gobble, gobble.
(to chorus)

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