ALL 4 MP3 Albums in a Package Deal!!

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ALL 4 MP3 Albums in a Package Deal!!
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Doin’ The Robot Dance $1.25
Everybody Wave Hello $1.25
Move And Stop $1.25
Stand Up Sit Down version 1 $1.25
Growl, Growl, Stomp. $1.25
Yee-Haw!! $1.25
Multi-Step Blues $1.25
the Opposite Jam $1.25
the Caterpillar $1.25
Move it by your Chair $1.25
One-Step Blues $1.25
Thinking Song version 1 $1.25
Stand up, Sit Down version 2 $1.25
Thinking Song version 2 $1.25
Growl, Growl Stomp instrumental $1.25
Music Time is Over $1.25
Sharing, Caring, Moving and Growing $1.25
Reggae Turtles (Teddies to turtles) $1.25
Jump High, Turn Around…. $1.25
Everybody Touch your Head (Fill-in Version) $1.25
Very Best Band $1.25
We All Have Feelings $1.25
Everybody Touch your Head $1.25
the Body Rap $0.99
I’ve Got the Music in Me $1.25
Move it to the Music $1.25
Hey Hello $1.25
Goodbye Now $1.25
Sing an Echo Song (Karaoke/Fill-in) $1.25
Tap it on your Head (full version) $1.25
the Animal Song (version 2: making sounds) $1.25
the Vehicle Song $1.25
The Wolf Cub $1.25
Three Little Monkeys $1.25
T-D-N-L Doo-wop $1.25
Sing an Echo Song $1.25
Miss Mary Makeover $1.25
Tap it on your Head (acapella) $1.25
The Animal Song 1 (sentences) $1.25
the Leeway Train $1.25
Hey, Mr. Monkey Freebie by Margie La Bella of
Open your Mouth and Sing $1.25
Sound Off $1.25
Sound Off Goodbye $1.25
Make you Move Combo $1.25
Intro to Make you Move Combo (Freebie)
Make you Move (Group 2) $1.25
Intro to Make you Move (Group 2)
Make you Move (Group 1) $1.25
Intro to Make you Move (Group 1)
Hear and Do (12 cues) $1.25
Intro to Hear and Do 12
Hear and Do 7 $1.25
Intro to Hear and Do 7 (Freebie)
Hear and Do 4 $1.25
Intro to Hear and Do 4 (Freebie)
Play an Echo Song (Fill-in Verses) $1.25
Three Little Sound Effects $1.25
You’ve Got to Wait $1.25
Play and Pass $1.25
Play and Do This $1.25
Come, Play that Music $1.25
Loud, Soft, Fast, Slow Review $1.25
Homemade Band $1.25
Tweet Little Birdy $1.25

The holidays are fast approaching so I thought I’d offer a way to give away some super fun and beneficial music to the people on your “nice list.”  Here are all 4 albums in mp3 form for you!


(Send me an e-mail if you’d like all 4 physical CDs for $40 plus $5 postage and handling.  We’ll work it out!)



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