Mixing it Up! (Full Digital Album)

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Mixing it Up! (Full Digital Album)
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Benefits of the“Mixing it Up!” CD (length approximately 40 minutes.)  

Please see the prestigious award/review at the bottom of the page

1.Hey Hello

Good for encouraging language via catchy, predictable, repeated “hey, hello” phrase.

To elicit more interaction, try singing hello into a mic. (Party stores sell cheap, fun toy mics).

2. Move it to the Music.

One step direction/movement concepts of move, shake, scratch, twist, jump, and dance. Impulse and motor control via the stopping and starting.

3. I’ve Got the Music In Me

This is a good song for following simple directions, and making fun sounds that can help with articulation and intelligibility. The last verse is especially for this.

 4. Body Rap

This song provides for great energy release and incorporates sequencing

 patterning, and memory skills.

5. Everybody Touch your Head

This song helps children learn various body parts and spatial concepts.

6. We All Have Feelings

This song assists the verbal and non-verbal expression of feelings.

7. Tweet, Tweet Little Birdy

Vocalization, listening comprehension, pretending/abstracting.

Older children can immediately echo each phrase during the short pause. This helps to develop sentence length and related memory.

9. Very Best Band

This song is good for attention span, turn taking, instrument vocabulary and identification, impulse control, sequencing, and contributing to the group.

8. Everybody Touch (karaoke/fill-in)

This version is to teach personalized concepts- go as tricky or as simple as you want.

10. Jump High, Turn Around

Children follow a sequence of three directions.

11. Teddies to Turtles

Following multiple directions, creativity, imagination (abstraction).

Group discussion of what they enjoy doing

12. Sharing, Caring, Moving and Growing

This is a relaxing, beautiful song to sing and /or sign for children and adults.

Margie La Bella receives PAL Award from Sherry Artemenko,

Speech Language Pathologist at PlayOnWords.com!

Move! Sing! Play Along and Sing! CD’s for Therapists and Parents

Posted on April 26, 2012 by sherry

I learned about this wonderful set of CD’s created by music therapist and educator, Margie La Bella, when she submitted them and won a PAL Award.  According to her website, “Her CD series Move! Sing! Play Along and Learn! is a collection of original participation-based songs and dances designed to spark the imagination, playfulness, and language learning (expressive, receptive, and auditory/listening) of children. It is available to parents, grandparents, teachers, special education centers, therapists, music/dance/gym instructors and all those who are young at heart.” Margie loves music for the joy it gave her growing up and has a passion to share that with every child, with and without learning challenges. She has intentionally written and performed songs, rhythms and sounds to build specific skills for language learning. Here is my review of her PAL Award winning CD’s:

The “Move! Sing! Play Along and Learn!” CD series is a treat for parent and child or teacher and class.   Margie La Bella’s pleasant, soothing voice is easy to understand as she gently encourages kids to listen and learn through music.  As a music therapist and special educator, she has written and produced lively entertaining songs for all kids introducing them to pop, jazz, folk, rap, swing, reggae and world music styles. The first CD in the series, “Move!” focuses on building receptive language skills as kids follow directions to “rub your tummy until the music stops,” follow the “Multi-Step Blues,” or learn concepts in the “Opposite Jam.” Move on to “Sing!” and enjoy vocal play and expressive language as kids learn to follow fun syllables that lead to a song about Mister Monkey or the Leeway Train with related actions to match the rhythm. The “Play!” CD builds auditory discrimination and processing as kids move to the sounds of rhythm instruments and their homemade band–imitating and learning soft/loud, slow/fast, matching movements to representative musical patterns and instruments. Raise your arms up and down to the slide whistle, or  stamp your feet to the drum as sounds and directions are combined to build memory. Finally, “Mixing it Up!” combines the lessons learned and gets kids moving, singing and playing  because now “I’ve Got the Music In Me.” “Body Rap” is one of my favorites as, “I saw my hands and they started to clap, I thought of my nose and my face started humming, my whole body started to move and my shoulders got in the groove” as movements are added while matched to a body part and rhythmic phrase. So gather the kids around to move to the music and maybe in the middle of all the fun, we’ll produce some good little listeners.

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