Make you Move Combo

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Make you Move Combo
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Combo:  Tiptoe, march, silly walk, hulk, jump, slow, helicopter, frog, fly, conga, tiptoe,   silly walk, jump, march, hulk,  helicopter, frog, fly, conga, slow.
Note: The first 5 sounds in tracks 17 and 19 are played for the longest duration. The second and 3rd time they are played are shorter sound bites. IF you want to, feel free to teach the activity idea by only using the first 5 sounds over and over. This is done by pressing the track number, moving to the first 5 sounds and then returning to the beginning of the track. Easy! Sometimes I pause the CD to help the kids focus. Sometimes I press “rewind” the sound in an effort to actually prolong it. But my kids rarely need this. You can also do this one seated, or moving in front of your chair.
It’s a goodie.

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