Make you Move (Group 2)

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Make you Move (Group 2)
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The next several tracks contain a developing series of sound samples. Trust me, you’ll be excited about these because the kids will love doing the movements/motions. They are a great way to release pent-up energy after a long and/or rainy day. My class thinks of TV and movie characters that the sound bites in “10. Make you Move” relate to and moves accordingly. Besides all that, these auditory exercises are good for…..
Connecting attention to and meaning to sound.
Impulse control and personal boundaries.
Problem solving and creative thinking.  
The accordi0n and funny bass means to do the silly walk.
The orchestra hit means to stamp like a dinosaur, giant, or other movie/action figure who  may get green when angered.
The flute and bubble sound means to move slowly like swimming under water.
The deep synthesizer sound means to get down on all fours and jump like a frog.
The helicopter sound means to circle one hand over your head like a helicopter blade.
 Group A: Tiptoe, march, jump, fly, conga, tiptoe, jump, march, conga, fly, jump,  march, fly.                                             
Group B: Silly walk, giant, slow, frog, helicopter, giant, slow, frog, helicopter, silly walk, hulk,                          frog, silly walk, slow.

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