A Facility Video! A Great Idea

I just saw a fantastic video on you tube!  You have to see this:  It’s called “St. Charles Hospital Rehab Rocks!” http://youtu.be/N4tuJeQe7Oc

Apparently, the music therapist position there is relatively new. Kudos to you, Lee! What a great way to bring the entire rehab staff, nurses, doctors, patients, assistants, families, and community involved in a positive informative, joyful, inspirational and informational video that results in everyone winning!

Viewers get to see physical therapy, music therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and the many faces of those who work together to bring young and old patients to greater wholeness.  There’s even a gorgeous therapy dog shot in the sequence.

Nice to see how the music therapy segments demonstrate how music therapy is an effective treatment modality used to increase a patient’s motor control, muscle strength, range of motion, breath capacity and control, coordination, concentration, postural strength and much more!


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