“Another Native American Sound Poem” for music therapy with children, adolescents, and adults

-Age: 6 to 12 and up
-Goal: Cooperation
-Name of Activity: Native American Sound Poem (Works well with Thanksgiving)
-Materials: poem,  guiro, bells, clatterpillar, drum, sand blocks.
-Method:  Speaker reads the poem, instrumentalists play their instruments at the specified time.  Jam up a melody for it.
-Namely, after each sentence.  
-Submitted by: Margie@musictherapytunes.com
-Source: Carol Bitcom
-Instrumentation: Moccasins-guirro, bells, fire-clatterpillar, drums, brushes-sandblocks
Words:  Get your….
Moccasins creeping.   Ankle  bells ringing.  Fire spitting.  Drums beating. Brushes swishing.
Here We have a tale to tell.
Moccasins creeping. Bells ringing. Fire spitting. Drums beating . Brushes swishing
What will happen?   None of Us know. 
Please send in any activities or musical processes  that you use with children, adolescents or adults of all ages and abilities. These could be activities for use for kids, adolescents or adults that have autism, adhd, add, down’s / down syndrome, speech language delays, oral-motor issues, physical disabilities, mental health issues, conduct disorder, cerebral palsy and other issues that we human have to contend with.  I’m also interested in any activities for people dealing with health issues, dementia, Alzheimer’s, chemical dependency, other addictions, grief, cancer, pain management and any other life issue.  I have just installed a “spam” locator which means that I’ll actually get the mail as mail. Please email me at margie@musictherapytunes.com and put activity in the subject line. Give yourself (or the author/composer)  all the credit you want or remain anonymous. Thank you!! – Margie La Bella at music therapy tunes
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