“Baby Bumble Bee summer song” gr8 for music and speech therapy for children

Name: Baby bumble bee
Age: 3-10
Goal Area:  Language (bi-labial production of “b”  sound.
Method: sing and do the motions. Pause before the words “baby bumblebee” and really emphasize  the “b” sound. Pace the song so that the children  have time to pronounciate.
Adaptations: ) Present the class with pictures of each verse and have them put them in the proper sequence. 2) Have each child find the correct picture in sequence and hold that picture up while the class sings. 3) Have each child in the group sing the different verses into a toy or real microphone.
Melody at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxV2bCzQ5IA
            E                                                              A  (F#M)                    B7
1. I’m bringing home my baby bumble bee. Won’t my mommy be so proud of me.
       E                                                                  A                 B7 E
I’m bringing home my baby bumble bee.  Owch! He bit me!
(Motion here is to cup your hands in front of you like you are carrying a bee, Emphasize that this is not a smart thing to do….but just for the song you’ll allow it.)
2. I’m smushing up my baby bumble bee. Won’t my mommy be so proud of me.
I’m smushing up my babby bumble bee.  Now I gotta eat ‘im!
(Motion is to clap your hands and drag them across each other. In other words…smush them.)
3. I’m lickin’ up my baby bumblee bee…….(as before)
uh-oh: I don’t feel so well.  (Motion is to pretend to lick hands; a point that you’ll have to emphasize the pretend part thereof.)
4. I’m throwing up my baby bumble bee. …..
Whoa! What a mess.   (Do I need to explain this motion? For the faint of heart or faint of administration, you can change this to coughing up. If you have to, you can leave this out.Of course, all the kids love it!)
5.  I’m cleaning up my baby bumble bee…
I’m NOT gonna do that again.  (Motion: to wipe a make believe table with a wipee or to do a broom sweeping motion. )
6. Optional verse: I’m never gonna catch a bumble bee.
And that’s that!
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