“Beach Ball” grown up Hot Potato music therapy intervention for adults

Goal Area: social/emotional,  cognitive/academic
Name of Activity: “Beach Ball”
Objective: People answer questions when they catch the ball.
Materials: age appropriate music, and a beach ball,  iPod and speakers, White board,  Dry/erase markers
Method: This is a dressed up, MT variation of “hot potato”
Procedure: When music begins, clients will toss ball back and forth. When MT stops the music, the ball stops moving. The person left holding the ball when the music stops will be asked a question.  The question asked will depend on the functioning level of the patient and the goals you are working on in that group. The patients I will see tomorrow are generally low functioning adults. I may ask questions like, “What kind of things can you find at the beach?” or “Name another song that the Beach Boys sang.” If I am working on self-concept with children, I might ask them to name one thing they like about themselves.
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