“Shake your Spookies Out” Halloween song for toddlers and preschoolers for Music Therapy

-Goal Area:  Motor and language skills
-Name of Activity:  Shake your Spookies Out!  This is a variation on the familiar childrens song “Shake your Sillies out.”
-Objective:  Kids follow a series of one-step directions.  Also good for body awareness and coordination.
-Materials: song
-Method: sing and do
A-daptations: (optional)  Make up verses for any time of year.
-Submitted by: (optional name and email) Margielessonplans@gmail.com
                              D                   G        D                                                  G              A          D
1.Come on    and shake, shake, shake your spookies   out.     Shake, shake, shake your spookies out.
     Sol    sol   sol   sol       la         sol       sol       sol   mi       do.       Re        fa          mi     mi       mi     re      do
  D            G         D                                      A7                                D
Shake, shake, shake your spookies out.   Shake your spookies away.
(same as vs. one.)                                     re       fa     mi    mi   re  do.
 2.     Clap your crazies out.
3.     Bounce your beasties out.
4.     Wiggle your wackies out.
 5.     Stamp like Frankenstein
6.     Itch like a witch.
7.     Howl like a wolf……and more.

“Ed the Ogre” Halloween song for children with special needs

-Age: 6-12 and younger. 
-Goal Area: expressive language
-Name of Activity: Ed the Ogre.  I use this at Halloween,   but you certainly can change the character to dinosaurs or other large creatures and use year round.
-Objective: Children echo the short phrases.  You can also discuss the humor of the song.
-Materials: song. You can simplify the words if need be.
-Method: Explain what an echo song is. Sing it and have children repeat as a group or individually.  Using a microphone really ups the participation!
-Submitted by: (optional name and email)  Margie@musictherapytunes.com   Source unknown.
-Melody: You can get by on: Do to mi and Do to lower la.  Pick any melody  you like.  Rap it.  I stick in a chorus of “Oh No!” 3x and end on oh, no no! I have this melody in one of my Halloween videos.
1. Ed the Ogre (repeat)    sat down for lunch. (repeat.)    
 He grabbed some toes (repeat)    and went crunch crunch crunch. (repeat)
2.Ed the Ogre    said mmm, these are nice.      
     These toes are tasty,            but they need some spice.
3. Ed the Ogre gave a great moan.                      
  He said “I thought these were your toes,           but   they’re my own!”

“Trick or Treat” song for kids with special needs- elementary aged

 Age: 6-12+/-
-Goal Area: Halloween: Language, syllables, patterns and other auditory skills
-Objective: Children participate and sing along. Also a nice set of lyrics for auditory drills via instruments (when used like a rondo: chorus drill chorus new drill chorus…)
-Materials: lyrics and instruments
-Method: sing and play
-Adaptations: (optional) Yes. Sing the chorus and rather than play the verses, have the kids suggest Halloween characters and then play
(and/or speak)  the syllables as a rhythm pattern.  You can also group characters ie: ghost   ghost   x-men ghost  (this would sound like titi tah.)
Have the kids play and stop with you,  go fast and slow, loud and soft……..
-Submitted by: (optional name and email)  Margie@musictherapytunes.com
From the site perpetualpreschool.com:
-Melody:  Jingle Bells
C                                                                                             F                             
Dashing through the street meeting goblins as we go, 
    G                                         C
wearing contour sheets, wishing it would snow.
      C                                                                        F                                           
    Bells on doorbells ring making spirits bright. 
           G                                                      C
What fun it is to come and sing and get some food tonight.
  Trick-or-Treat, trick-or-treat, trick-or-treat we say. 
 F             C                         D7                                 G                   
Try to get some treats before the end of the day (or ghost takes us away, if you choose.)
 Trick-or-treat, trick-or-treat trick -or-treat we say.
F                           C                          G             C 
If you don’t have treats for us we’ll never go away.