“Turkey Trot” Thanksgiving music therapy and education activity for children with motions

Age: 0 to 5 and older
Goal Area: Listening skills, Thanksgiving
Name of Activity: Adapted Turkey Trot
Objective: Kids follow directions of song lyrics, sing “gobble, gobble” and clap/chant 1,2,3 at the correct time
Materials: song and kids
Submitted by: Margie@musictherapytunes.com
Tune: Turkey in the Straw 
 Source:  Ron Brown’s Turkey Strut available on “Intelli-Tunes”
 This is my adaptation of the song
Pull your hands right in.
Stick your elbows out.
Then you flap your wings
And walk about.
You can gobble to the left.
You can gobble to the right.
Then you shake your tail
With all your might.
(chorus) Gobble, gobble, 1 2 3 (chord C)
Gobble, gobble, 1 2 3  (chord F)
Gobble, gobble, 1 2 3 (C)
Gobble, gobble along with me! (CCGC)
Repeat as needed. 
I got this additional verse from Scholastic’s Clifford’s Listen and Do poster:
Strut like a turkey: go,go,go.
Scratch like a turkey with  your toe, toe, toe.
Flap like a turkey with a wobble, wobble, wobble.
Talk like a turkey with a gobble, gobble, gobble.
(to chorus)

“Two cute Easter / spring” music therapy songs for preschoolers

Realm: Music therapy songs for “Spring” and/or “Easter.”
Age: 0 to 5 and older
Goal Area:  Language
Name of Activity:  Out of the Egg
Objective:  Improve vocab of body parts, expressive language, vocalization,  awareness of low to high and back down to low
Materials: Song, possible pictures and/or puppets
Method: sing and do.  We begin crunched down on the floor and work our way up phrase by phrase.  At the end we peep down to the ground.
Adaptations: (optional)   Stop singing at the end of the phrases and wait for the children to fill in the last word. 
Submitted by: (optional name and email)  Margie@musictherapytunes.com
Melody: Each line goes up a scale note.
Words: Peck, peck, peck on the warm brown egg. …..    Up comes a neck.  …..  Out comes a leg.
             Here comes a wing with a ………flap, flap, flap………    Happy Easter/spring……..  everybody. …….      What do you think of that?
Then sing down the scale:    peep, peep,  peep, peep,  peep, peep,  peep, peep.  Shhhhhhhh!  (You can use bak, bak, or other bird sound.)


Realm: Easter or Spring Songs for young children
Age:  0-5 +
Goal Area: Receptive language, memory, attention and motor skills
Name of Activity: The Bunny Hop
Objective: Children perform the sequence of movements in the song.
Materials: Kids,  live or recorded group-appropriate instrumental version of the “bunny hop” , lyrics, dancing space
Method: Have children stand in a circle.  Model each motion and encourage participation.  Sing or play the song and act out the motions.
Adaptations: Write you own silly song about a pet.  To stimulate vocalization, make all the sound effects the song suggests. 
Submitted by: (optional name and email) Margie La Bella
Words:  First you wiggle your nose. Then you move your ears.  Then you shake your tail and you go hop, hop, hop. (repeat 3x)
              During the musical interlude (between the verses), hold hands and circle right then circle left.   (Do what fits.)

“Two Christmas Holiday songs” for music education/ therapy activity idea for preschool children

Realm: Musical Speech therapy songs for MTs
Age: 0-5 +
Goal: To improve expressing language particulary the “ing” present tense.
Name of Activity: Christmas is…
Materials: Pictures depicting lyrics and lyrics.
Method: Sing and do
Submitted by: Margie@musictherapytunes.com
Melody:  I have this song up with the chords and pictures, on my video page.  NOTE: to take the exact pictures off the video. Find the picture you want, press print screen (located along the top line of keyboard keys, next to F1, F2…F12…) then go to the program “Paint” and click the “Paste” button. Save the image to your desktop and print!
Carolers singing, singing, singing.  Church bells ringing, ringing, ringing.
 Snowflakes dropping, dropping,  dropping.   Popcorn popping, popping,  popping.
Mothers sewing, sewing, sewing. (Ok, you can change it if you want…)  Candles glowing, glowing, glowing.
Cookies baking, baking, baking. What is taking, taking, taking soooooo long?
Realm: Christmas songs for toddlers and preschoolers
 Age: 0-5+
Goal:  To improve expressive Language
Name of Activity:  The toy shop
Materials: pictures and items described in song’s lyrics.
Method: Show sing and do.  Leave off the last word in the phrase for the children to supply.
Adaptations: This song needs updating.  Go for it.  The italic words can be adjusted. Get pics from a catalog.
Also this is a good song to start a discussion about what kids want for Christmas/Chanukah/you name it.
Submitted by:  Margie La Bella of Music therapy tunes
Melody: Up on the House top
 Here is a window in the toy shop. Here’s a balloon that goes pop.
 Here is a top that spins in a ring. Here is a bird that can sing.
 Here is a soldier who can walk. Here is a doll that can talk. 
Here is a funny jumping jacks man.  Here’s a sleeping raggity Ann
Say goodbye to the toys. Shhh, quiet. No more noise.

“Shadow Dancing” music therapy activity for Groundhog’s day

-Age: 6 to 12
-Goal Area: social skills (leading and following)
-Name of Activity: Shadow music.  Great for Groundhog’s day.
-Objective: Clients take turns going behind the screen and having the rest of the group imitate their movement/dancing.
-Materials: overhead projector or other light source, sheet, music of a variety of styles.
-Method: Hold the sheet perpendicular to the floor in front of the light source. Have the kids move between the sheet and the light to create shadows. Practice ways to move and make shadows. Have kids come up one or two at a time, or in small groups, or make a parade with everyone going around the sheet. Hold other objects behind the sheet and have the children name the object.
-Adaptations: “Greg and Steve” have a song called “Just like Me,”  which is great for this.  This activity is great for groundhog’s day.
Try it with short excerpts from a variety of musical styles, genres, orchestrations, and time periods. This is good for helping to establish
a relationship between what is heard and a related physical response.
Submitted by: (optional name and email)  Margie@musictherapytunes.com

“Shake your Spookies out!: Halloween Dance for music therapy students

-Age: 0 to 5 plus
-Goal Area:  Motor skills
-Name of Activity:  Shake your Spookies Out!  This is a variation on the familiar childrens song “Shake your Sillies out.”
-Objective:  Kids follow a series of one-step directions.  Also good for body awareness and coordination.
-Materials: song
-Method: sing and do
-Adaptations: (optional)  Make up verses for any time of year.  Or make the sound of the characters you are singing about such as “Boo, boo, boo says the ghost”
-Submitted by: (optional name and email) Margie La Bella
                                     D          G        D                                                       G         A           D
1.Come on    and shake, shake, shake your spookies   out.     Shake, shake, shake your spookies out.
  D            G         D                                                    A7                                D
Shake, shake, shake your spookies out.   Shake your spookies away.
 2.     Clap your crazies out.  
 3.     Bounce your beasties out.
4.     Wiggle your wackies out. 
5.     Stamp like Frankenstein
6.     Itch like a witch.
7.     Howl like a wolf……and more.

“Chanukah, Happy Holiday” language and motor sequencing music therapy lesson plan for kids

-Age: 0-5 +
-Goal: Kids will perform the motions and/or sing the song with the therapist. Good for Att’n span
-Name of Activity: Chanukah Happy Holiday (Check out the melody on youtube.)
-Method: Sing and do.
-Adaptations: Have the kids tell you what movement comes next. Go faster and slower. Best to end on a slow.
Submitted by: Margie La Bella
Chanukah, Chanuka. Happy Holiday. (Clap hands to the beat.)
Chanukah, Chanukah. Happy Holiday. (Tap knees.)
Chanukah, Chanukah Spin your dreiydel fast. (Spin arms.)
Round and around and around and around. (Stand up, spin around once and sit!)
E7                     A
“Till it drops at last.

“My Ride with Santa” Holiday song teaches Preposition concepts: good music therapy / music education activity

-Age: 6-10 (and under)
-Goal: to improve knowledge of special relationships/prepositions.
-Name of Activity:  My ride with Santa
-Materials: lyrics, and pictures depicting the lyrics.
-Method: Show, sing and do.  Leaving out the last word or key word in the sentence for the children to fill in elicits learning.
-Adaptations:  Have the children act out the lyrics.
-Submitted by: Margie@musictherapytunes.com
-Source: unknown. Please let me know if you know who wrote the poem. 
-Melody: Up on the Housetop
                 C                                                                                       F                              G
Words:  Over the treetops.  Above (over) the house- I’m gonna help Santa steer.
                C                                                                                  F                          G7 C
              Between the mountains. Under the bridge- whoops,   am I too near?
              Around a corner, into a cloud fly fast you fleet footed dear.
              Under the moon and around a star. Listen, can you hear?
              Beneath the bells and past the brook the night is cold and clear.
             Down the chimney while I’m in bed dreaming of good cheer.

Music Therapy songs for teaching students with special needs “Thanksgiving Swing!”

-Age: 0-5 and older
-Goal Area: vocalization and language
-Name of Activity:  Thanksgiving Song Swing
-Objective: Children sing along with the verses and especially the chorus.  Good for the “g” sound which is produced in the back of the throat.
-Materials: song and pictures
-Method: sing, show and do. 
Submitted by: (optional name and email) Margie@musictherapytunes.com    (original copyright 2009)
-Melody used: It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing. (Check out my video on video page)
            Dm                  Dmb5      Dm7            *Dm6 
What does a turkey say for thanksgiving day
 2. He has two brown eyes that are just the same size
 3.  His head goes wobble when he says gobble
 4.Turkey looks great when it’s sittin’ on my plate
  5.  Show me what you do when a turkey looks at you.
                       Gm(7)                                         Dm
  Chorus:  Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gob. (repeat)
*(you can stay on dm. The progression takes the middle d and goes down by half steps.)



Music Therapy Thanksgiving Songs for teaching special needs students (Boom-dee-ata.)

-Age: 0-5 and older
-Goal Area: Expressive language
-Name of Activity: These are things I’m thankful for.
-Objective: Children will name something they are thankful for including: foods, toys, people….
-Materials: song and children, paper, pen, optional marker for drawing their answers.
-Method: Sing the song and insert the children’s answers.  Results vary by age and ability.
-Adaptations: (optional)  Record it on a little tape recorded. Or your phone.  Change boomdeata to something simpler that your group can handle.
                      Sometimes we sing “These are things we’re thankful for. “
-Submitted by: (optional name and email) Margie@musictherapytunes.com
-melody used:  Boom-de-ata. Or “I love the mountains…I love the rolling hills”  girl scout song
                      D                           Bm             Em               A7        
Words:    Name likes _________     Name likes _________   
 D                      Bm                     Em                       A7   
Name likes _________        Name likes _________
                 D                 Bm                           G                  A7
                Name likes _________ and Name likes _________
                 D                       Bm             G                  A
                Boomdeata Boomdeata Boomdeata Boomdeata (repeat.)

Another Music Therapy Halloween Song for toddlers and preschoolers (The witch laughs “ya-ha-ha.”)

-Age: 0-5
-Goal Area: vocalization and verbalization
-Name of Activity: The witch laughs ha-ha-ha.
-Objective: children produce the sounds
-Materials: song
-Method:  Sing.  Pictures of the objects help.
-Adaptations:   For kids who need more time, stay on the same sound effect for a whole verse and use a familiar melody to set the stage. Example:  The little ghost says boo boo boo,    boo boo boo………………………boo for Halloween.   (Tune for that one could be Mary had a little Lamb.)
-Submitted by: Margie La Bella source unknown
 -Melody:  Try second half of “the itsy bitsy spider”  in a haunting minor key. 
-Lyrics: The witch says Yah-ha-ha.  The Ghost says whooooo.  The Cat says meow, meow and I say “Boo.”  (repeat)