“Fall Apple Tree/Body Part Song” music therapy songs and activities for young children

Goal Area: Cognitive
Name of Activity:  Apple Tree
Objective:  Children do the motions along to the lyrics and sing or vocalize
Materials: Words
Method: Sing and do.  This is also a magic song. All the kids I work with love it, do it and succeed right away.
Adaptations: (optional)  I use the song with cut out apples, also dollar store plastic apples. 
Submitted by: (optional name and email) Margielessonplans@gmail.com  source unknown.
Melody:  Part  A.  Lincoln lincoln I been thinkin what the heck have you been drinkin’ (ah songs from my childhood…)  Mary had a Little Lamb works, too. I’m an acorn small and round works. Shortnin’ bread works.              Part  B.  Adams family chorus
A) I’m a great big apple tree. Just as tall as I can be.
I cannot sneeze (aaaaaahchoooooooo.)  I cannot cough (argh, ahh, blah) or all my apples will fall off.
B) It fell on my ________  (boink, boink, ….or ow, ow      will suffice.)  Repeat 4 more times.



Dinosaur Song for Young Children: “4 Dinosaurs were Rolling in the Mud.”

 –Realm: Lesson plans for young children. (Good for speech therapy and teacher circle time songs, too.)
-Age: 0-5 plus
-Goal Area: Language , attention span, counting with 1-1 correspondence
-Objective: Children sing the words, hold up the correct number of fingers, and motion along with the song.
-Materials: song, optional dinosaur toys
-Method: Sing. Do.  I must say this song has been what I call a “magic song.”   I haven’t seen a child who doesn’t love it and succeed with it.
-Adaptations: Use puppets, pictures, toy dinosaurs….
-Submitted by: (optional name and email) Margie@musictherapytunes.com
from Anna Epstein-Kravis recording Tot’s Tunes/Happy to be me. See annaekravis.com.
-Lyrics,chords, solfege, melody used:
 C                                  G                      C                                                                              
Four Dinosaurs were rolling  in   the mud.  
Do    do re mi     do       sol fa  mi  re   do    
 G                                 C-G      
Splashing around all day.     
re re re      sol      re  mi re  
  One of them said “I’ve had enough!!!”
   do do re do
  C                   G                       c
3 more left when he goes away. 
 sol sol sol   sol     fa mi     re do
  Squish, squish, squish, squish….. 
(repeat for one less dinosaur each time.)

Music therapy hello song for children (How to play Jack’s Big Music Show)

-Age: 0-5+
-Goal Area: Language (motor song or hello song. The melody lends itself to various objectives.)
-Objective: Kids will sing the words of the song and perform the motions mentioned via lyrics
-Materials: Music and kids
-Method: Sing and do.
-Adaptations: Use to create hello song, an articulation exercise, letter-sound association, or animal/vehicle sound song. Substitute another sound for the “d” in “dum.” Or start off with Here’s a sound for the letter “T.” Look everybody sing with me…. Lastly, try What does a monkey say in the zoo. Sing it together me and you…..oo,oo… This is called a “stick in” song because you can use/modify it to teach many skills.
-Submitted by: Amanda G. Ellis, MT-BC at “morewithmusic.com”
Tune: can be found on you tube (search theme song for Jack’s Big Music Show.)
C                                                       F        G
Come on everybody give your foot a tap.  (repeat phrase instrumentally.)
C                                                          F           C
Come on everybody give your hands a clap. (same)
C                                     F            G
Look everybody it’s my dog Mel. (ruf,….)
              C                                                      F           C
         And my best friend Mary; she’s super swell.
C                                   F            C                                                               
(Dum diddy dum diddy dum dee dum day.)
C                                     F                     G     
Dum diddy dum diddy dum dee dum day. (same echo)
C                                     F                     C
Dum diddy dum diddy dum dee dum day. (same echo)
     F                   G              F               G
So come everybody let’s get up and go.
Am                   G/B                Bb              F        C
It’s time to get started. It’s Jack’s big music show.