“Dancin’ like a Leprechaun” standing and seated version of a great Saint Patrick’s day music therapy idea

-Goal Area: receptive language, attention span, energy release, socialization

-Objective: Children will follow directions of lyrics. There are TWO versions here. One is a standing circle dance and the other a seated movement activity. Both are below.

-Materials: Song and children.  An area to perform a circle dance. Toy leprechaun (as a visual.)

-Method: Review each motion with the children. Sing and perform the motion one sentence at a time until all have joined in.  String the motions and sentences together and encourage all to move together.

-Adaptations: Perform one movement and ask the children to label the motion. Then, ask the children to tell you what comes next. This helps improve expressive language and sequencing/memory skills.  Once the children know the song, sing it increasingly  fast and quietr.   Experiment with loud, soft, fast and slow but be sure to end peacefully!

-Submitted by: Margie La Bella of music therapy tunes.

-Melody-Words and chords:


Tune: The Irish Wash woman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eS3J-rHpuag

Seated version:

Clapping like a leprechaun.  Round and around and around and on.

Tap your knees and give a squeeze. The leprechaun is going to sneeze!

aaaaahhhchoooo! ( This activity is a lot of stimulation. I usually repeat it several times going faster and quieter each time. I also ask the kids what comes next. And they always know!)


Jumpin’ like a leprechaun around and around and around and on.

Slide your feet and point your toe. St. Patrick’s day is near (here) you know.

Hands held high. Hand held low. Hands in the middle and round you go.

Let go of hands and site on the floor. Quiet down as you were before.

(1 2 3 4. 1 2 3 4. 1 2 3 4 stand up as you were before. )




Please send in any activities or musical processes  that you use with children, adolescents or adults of all ages and abilities. These could be activities for use for kids, adolescents or adults that have autism, adhd, add, down’s / down syndrome, speech language delays, oral-motor issues, physical disabilities, mental health issues, conduct disorder, cerebral palsy and other issues that we human have to contend with.  I’m also interested in any activities for people dealing with health issues, dementia, Alzheimer’s, chemical dependency, other addictions, grief, cancer, pain management and any other life issue.  I have just installed a “spam” locator which means that I’ll actually get the mail as mail. Please email me at margie@musictherapytunes.com and put activity in the subject line. Give yourself (or the author/composer)  all the credit you want or remain anonymous. Thank you!! – Margie La Bella at music therapy tunes



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