FREE MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS on YouTube! Great for Music Therapy Activities and Music Education Lessons. By Margie La Bella of

What’s the News??

Where is it?  You Tube!  From My Channel’s Video Manager you’ll see the  Creator Studio where  you will find Create where you have three choices.

1. Free music   2. Ad supported music and 3. Sound Effects

Why is this so awesome??!   Think of all the activities you can create with these!   They come is different categories so you can address home sounds, animal sounds, tool sounds; varied things from people’s daily experiences.

Goals could range from attention/ focus, to expressive language, auditory desensitization,  to fine motor manipulation of small objects (think sound bingo chips) to song writing.

Some potential activities could be: Sound Bingo, Name that Sound, adding sound fx to song writing activities. I find playing “Name that Sound” a wonderful and effective way to focus and calm a group of wiggly preschoolers who need to learn  What can YOU come up with??You tube act page 1YouTube Audio Library 2

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