“Halloween Echo Song” for older kids. Short sentences. Good for Music therapy activities. By Margie La Bella of music therapy tunes

Goal Area: Turn taking, or group singing via expressive language Objective: Kids share the microphone and moment in the spotlight.
Materials: Mic and song
Method:  Sing a phrase in the mic, hold mic to child and have child repeat.
1. I use this song as an echo song. Rather than repeat the last word of each phrase 3x, we repeat the whole phrase.   Shy children might just say “pass” or sing in a spooky voice. I don’t have trouble getting my kids to sing, but I never make a child sing solo. The alternative voice may be a little less stressful to some children. I also put little effects on the mic, such as echo, reverb, or chorus, to make a shy child’s effort more rewarding and less “intimate.”
2. You can have the children repeat the last word after you. But beware in both instances that you do not want to reinforce echolalia!!  You can talk about the song and Halloween costumes and safety afterwards and ask the children questions to stimulate real language.
3. This makes a cute performance piece.
4. Make up your own verses about the children’s fave Halloween characters.

 Source: “His Name was Jack” by Billy Grisack

Melody: Miss Mary Mack


His name is Jack, Jack, Jack.


His eyes were black, black, black.


His face was orange, orange, orange.


And that’s a fact, fact, fact.


Inside his head, head, head.
a flame was red, red, red.
and in the dark, dark, dark.
the children said, said, said:


“Trick or treat, treat, treat.,”
along the street, street, street.
They knocked on doors ……(continue to repeat twice as above.)
for something sweet…


to charm the hosts….
they dressed a ghosts,
monsters and ghouls….
to get the most….


All through the night….
under this sight….
he sat and watched….
still glowing bright\….


And that’s a fact, fact, fact.
His eyes were black….
His face was orange…
His name was Jack….
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