“Hey, Hi and Hello” music therapy hello song intervention for children by Amanda G. Ellis, MT-BC

Goal Area: Social interaction
Name of Activity: Hey, Hi and Hello adapted from song “Soul Sister” by Train 
Objective: Children sing, and perform motions suggested by song.
Materials: Hey, Hi and Hello By Amanda G. Ellis, MT-BC at “morewithmusic.com” Great resource. 
Adaptations: (see below)
  C         G           Am         F                                  G              C
*Hey, Hi and Hello  are words we use to greet each day. (repeat)
C                    G                                           Am                         (F)
We say hey to our teachers and our friends each day.
C                G                                           Am                         (F)
We say Hi to the students that we see in our hallways.
C                G                                           Am        (F)
We say Hello to people when we meet them, too.
(adapted verse by Margie La Bella:)When you say Hi. I say hi to you.
 I look in your eyes and I say hi to you. Say Hello when someone says Hello to you.
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