SONG WRITING LEVEL C : 20 uses for the song “Happy and you know it.”

This is part of my shpele (spheal?) on song writing and that everyone can employ it. For those eeding a little push, here’s a list of uses fo the tune “If you’re happy and you know it.” These samples are for little guys, but you get the idea: insert any need into a song and there’s your adapted song. Feel free to use other songs as age and need be. This can make or break your effort- –
Not to worry, if for some reason your song didn’t work the way you planned, just pick a new melody.Here’s some categories and adaptations I picked out of the blue. See what you can come up with.Cognitive skills adaptations:
1.If you’re wearing a red shirt touch your head. If you’re wearing a red shirt touch your head. If your shirt is read then touch your head (Ack- this just happens to rhyme and it does not need to!!). If you’re wearing a red shirt touch your head. (teaches colors and body parts.)

2. If you’re standing on #7 jump up and down…. (teaches number recognition.)
3. All the pigs on the farm say oink, oink… (teaches animal categories, specific animal within, and associated noise.)

Language skills adaptations
4. Who wants bubbles say “I do!…..” (fosters expressive language.)
5. Put your hands over your head. …..(teaches body parts and spacial relationships/prepositions.)
6. Close your lips and sing me buh,buh,buh. …. (for lip closure, oral-motor skills and articulation.)

Adaptive/self-help skills adaptations
7. Pull your socks up on your feet…..(a fine motor needed skill, also builds persistence.)
8. Put it in your mouth and tell me yumm….(accepting different texture foods into mouth, and nutrition.)
9. Reach up high to get the drum, bum, bum.. (balance, range of motion, motor planning, problem solving.)

Motor/muscle adaptations
10. Bend your knees and jump up to the sky……(motor skills, tolerance of feet off the ground..)
11. Hold the little cymbals let ’em ring, ring, ring….(fine motor skills)
12. If you like a squeeze tell me “squeeeeze”….. (proprioceptive input- tells the body where it is.)

Social-emotional skills adaptations
13. If you’re angry and you know it stamp your feet…… (emotional expression)
14. Let’s breath it in and let it go. Wheeewww……(coping skills)


15. Diane and Jack can share the bells…(social skills including cooperation, awareness/tolerance of others.)
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