“Make your own Music Video” music therapy activity for teens and adults

-Age: 13-18 and up
-Goal Area: Emotional expression, social skills (cooperation, contribution, leadership, responsibility….)
-Name of Activity: Making a video to recorded music
-Objective: Students work together to create a music video
-Materials: cd, cd player, video camera,  props needed, lighting, and lots of room
-Method:  Tell the class that they can work together to pick a topic, a song, and make a video.
-Adaptations: (optional)   Make the video with the kids playing their own instruments! Smaller groups of students can work together. Make your own artwork to depict the music.
-Lyrics and Chords: Whatever they choose (as long as it in accordance with their needs, and the philosophy of the administration/program.)
Submitted by: : Margie la Bella of music therapy tunes .com
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