Mellow Good bye Song for music therapy / education

-Age: 6 to 10 and younger….
-Goal Area: closure
-Name of Activity: Goodbye song from the Bear in the Big Blue House
-Objective: Clients end session on a positive note. Reciprocal interaction. Participation and eye contact. 
-Materials: song and people
-Method: Sing and participate.
-Adaptations: You can adapt this by singing children’s names in the verses, perhaps incorporating session events also.
-Submitted by: Amanda G. Ellis, MT-BC at “”
-Lyrics,chords, solfege, melody used: Bear in the Big Blue House on youtube
F                         F/A                 Bb(or Fsus is easier)               Bb-C
Hey this was really fun, we hope ………………you liked it too.
F                                F/A                             Bb                        G-C
Seems like we’ve just begun, when suddenly we’re through.
          F            Bb                  C                        F                                Bb        C
Goodbye, goodbye good friends goodbye. ‘Cause now it’s time to go.
        F        Bb           C      Dm                             Bb                      C          F
But hey, I say, well that’s Ok, cause we’ll see you very soon I know.
vs 2: Oh when we have to go away it’s kind of sad but then
it’s nice to know it won’t be long ’till we get to see each other again.
‘Till we meet again.   (same chords as verse 1)
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