Music Therapy Halloween Song for Young Children (The Monster in the Mirror)

-Age: 0-5 and older
-Goal Area: articulation, oro-motor (another good “speech therapy” song.)
Objective: Children vocalize along with the chorus. 
-Materials: Song from Sesame Street. (Check out the melody on you tube.)
-Method: Sing and encourage all singing
-Adaptations: Great Opportunity for articulation exercise!!  Also for associating a sound with a letter for pre-reading awareness. Just change the initial consonant from “w” to a different sound.
Simplify the chorus by repeating line one over 2x and then end on the origional phrase.
-Submitted by: Margie La Bella  email:
-Lyrics,chords, solfege, melody used  Sesame Street  Google the video on youtube for the melody.
              Am                                                   E7                                                                          
Saw a monster in the mirror when I woke up today 
A monster in my mirror but I did not run away
   C                                          Dm
I did not shed a tear or hide beneath my bed ,
                         E7                                                         Am
Though the monster looked at me and this is what he said:
                   C                                                    Dm
He said “Wubba wubba wubba wubba woo woo woo.” 
 G7                                                 Am
Wubba wubba wubba and a doodly do
                    C                                                  F                 C                         G                  F              C
He sang “Wubba wubba wubba” so I sang it too. Do not wubba me or I will wubba you .
   C                        G                 F              C
Do not wubba me or I will  wubba you.
2. Told the monster in the mirror, “No, I am not scared.”
Then I smiled at him and thanked him for the song that we had shared.
Well, the monster thanked me too, he smiled right back and then
the monster in the sang his song again.
 3. If your mirror has a monster in it, do not shout.
This kind of situation does not call for freaking out
And do nothing that you would not like to see him do ‘
Cause that monster in the mirror he just might be
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