My TOP 10 St. Patrick’s Day Music Therapy / Music Education activities for kids by Margie La Bella of

Top 15 Saint Patrick’s Day Activities

1. Seated folk dance using the song “Samsia” from “Lord of the dance.”

Here’s my write up of the moves:

Seriously, this dance is good for preschoolers to geriatrics.

Here’s the video:

2. Dancing like a Leprechaun. Post:

3. John the Leprechaun. This song will be on my upcoming CD entitled “Songs at my Speed” under the name Dan, Dan invisible man. Here’s the post:

4. I love to use this holiday, as well as April fool’s Day to use songs that are about absurdities and use them as a language and concept building activity. Examples are

“The Elephant Song” by Eric Herman – truly magic for the kids. They love it. They “get” it. They discuss it.

5. My own “Miss Mary Makeover” is great for silly absurdities. It’s on my Sing CD track#6. Short phrases can be either echoed and/or discussed.

6. TDNL Do-wop on Sing’s track #8.  Good for artic and any discussion on yummy/healthy/gross/inedible food.

7. Music Together has a great song called “Allee Galloo.  You can dress it up for different ages. Good for vocal play and copying motor / vocal activity.

8. The Unicorn Song: Act out the animals in the chorus. And the phrases in each verse can be echoed.

9. The Rainbow song. Good for colors and signing.   See

10. And of course, all the old standards like “When Irish eyes are smiling,” “I’m looking over a 4 leaf Clover,” “Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-rai,” ” Macnamara’s band etc.

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