“Native American Sound Poem” music therapy activity for teens and adults

Age: 6-12+
Goal: Cooperation, working as a team
Name of Activity: Indians  (change as you wish.) Sound Poem
Materials: Drums (2)  cymbols, whistle, sand blocks
Method: Review the poem with the kids. Assign each child (or group thereof) an instrument.  Kids play their instruments at specific times providing a musical background for the poem. 
Source: Byrd Baylor (I think)
Adaptations: If the children can not read, make up drawings whereby they can
 “read”  the sequence of instruments.  Put your own instrumentation in. Record it.
 Draw pictures and make a video. 
Submitted by: Margie@musictherapytunes.com  NOT original
Ka-trum. Katrum. Ka-trum. (drum 1)      When Buffalo run (drum 2)
They darken the sun. (cymbal)       They cover the sky as they pass by. (drum2)
Tall grasses lie flat (sandblocks)      and wild birds cry. (whistle)
And dry earth trembles as they pass by. (drum1)
Native Americans stay quiet as the grass. (sandblocks)
Quiet as the shadows where buffalo pass. (drum2)
Until the zing of an arrow (cymbal) and the shish of a spear (slide whistle)
tell you they must be somewhere near….. (all read/say together.)
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