“Polar Bear Circle Song” a music therapy social interaction song for children

-Age: 3-6+
-Goal Area:  social and language (receptive and expressive)
-Objective:  Children will sing the words and act out the song lyrics
-Materials: kids, song, and a place to designate as the bear’s bed.
-Method: One child is chosen to be the bear and lies in the center of the circle. The children hold hands and walk calmly around the sleeping bear. Children touch the bear with one finger and tap/shake until the bear wakes up and growls fiercely. (When the possible commotion abates, a new bear is chosen and the song begins again.)
-Adaptations: We sometimes choose two bears with larger groups.  Sing about a different type of bear ie: big brown bear, panda bear, grizzley… Use as an instrumental song to help develop the concept of loud and soft.
-Submitted by: Margie La Bella of music therapy tunes.
-Source: Unknown. Please let me know!
-Melody: See the solfege below OR sing with the melody to “Oh, Christmas Tree.” (see below as well.)
Words and chords:

 C     ………………….. G  …………………..  C                  G7             C

A  polar  bear, a  polar  bear is sleeping in  his/her cave.
g   c   c    c       e  d  d    d          f     e   c       d   b          c


C                                F        G                           C 
Please be   very   quiet. Please be   very quiet.
e          e     e   g     f   f      d          d       d  f   e   e 


C                          Dm
If you wake him if you shake him (her)
c   c     c       e      d   d    d        f   


C             G     C
He gets very MAD!   GroooooOOOwwwl!
e    c       d   b   c    
Oh, Christmas tree chords. Play one beat per letter or “/” symbol.

 C/G  C//   Dm/G  C//

Repeat the above

C// F//  Dm// C/G
C//  A7//  Dm/G C//
C/G means to play two beats of C and one of G: not  a C chord with a G bass note.
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