Pop Pop fourth (4th) of July song for kids with a bonus chant

Goal: to improve auditory memory, language skills, oral-motor skills, sequencing skills, number concepts, fine motor skills
Materials: could include glow in the dark strips, and 5 pictures of different fireworks
Method: Show the children the 5 picutres of fireworks, count them slowly and tell the group to raise 5 fingers, Count them. Then sing the rhyme with the children adding in the motor component (tap and clap rhythms.) After the children are familiar with the chant, leave out the words “bang” and “pop” and have the children fill in the blank.
You can even have the children be the fireworks by lining them up and asking them to jump with the words “bang” and “pop,” Another variation is to have them play one instrument for those words, for example bang would be the cymbol and pop would be the drum.
This chant is a variation of the little chant:
5 little sausages cookin’ in the pan. One went pop and the other went bam. And so forth with 4,3,2, and 1.
4th of july rhyme. Dress this up for “older” kids by making all kinds of rhythmic variations on the bang/pop verse. If your kids giggle at the word bang, change it to pow or boom.
Examples of the variations include: bang bang bang pop rest (ta ta ta rest), or bang bang bang pop pop (ti ti ta ta ta) This turns it into an auditory memory drill.
5 little firecrackers shooting/flying to the top.
One went bang and the other went pop.
bang bang (tap knees) Pop pop pop (clap hands 3x)
repeat the above line three more times. (ta ta titi ta)   or last time: Noisy, noisy make it stop!!
4 little firecrackers shooting/flying to the top.

One went bang and the other went pop.
bang bang bang pop pop pop (titi ta, titi ta)
3 little firecrackers shooting/flying to the top.
One went bang and the other went pop.
bang bang bang pop pop  (titi tah, ta ta)
Here’s a bonus song:

Fireworks go snap,snap,snap!                               
c-r-r-r-rcrack!  Zap,zap,zap!
Fireworks make me clap,clap,clap
On Independence Day!
—  —  —  —  —  —
I was Born in the USA! Born in the USA!
I Was Born in the USA! And it is Independence Day!
Please send in any activities or musical processes  that you use with children, adolescents or adults of all ages and abilities. These could be activities for use for kids, adolescents or adults that have autism, adhd, add, down’s / down syndrome, speech language delays, oral-motor issues, physical disabilities, mental health issues, conduct disorder, cerebral palsy and other issues that we human have to contend with.  I’m also interested in any activities for people dealing with health issues, dementia, Alzheimer’s, chemical dependency, other addictions, grief, cancer, pain management and any other life issue.  I have just installed a “spam” locator which means that I’ll actually get the mail as mail. Please email me at margie@musictherapytunes.com and put activity in the subject line. Give yourself (or the author/composer)  all the credit you want or remain anonymous. Thank you!! – Margie La Bella at music therapy tunes
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