“River Flow” music therapy song for vocalization and oral-motor skills (great speech therapy song!)

Age: 0 to 5 and older
Goal Area: Language (expressive / oro-motor and receptive)  SEE VIDEO Page
Name of Activity: I love to watch the river flow by Laurie Berkner’s   Rocketship CD   (Check out the melody on you tube.)
Objective: Children will vocalize during the chorus and perform the directions presented during the verses.
Materials: Lyrics and children (see videos)
Method: Sing the song and encourage to vocalize during the chorus. (A toy/real mic will help.) Model the directions given through the verse.
Adaptations: (optional)  Make it an artic song and put various consonants before the vowell/s, vary the one-step direction.  (doo-dah, or boo-bah, or eee-ah depending upon the needs of the group.  
Submitted by: (optional name and email)  Margie at musictherapytunes.com
Walk Along The River  (look under the video section)
When I walk along the river (I take a step, I take a step, I take another step)
[repeat 2x: first time using a C chord, then using a D chord ]
      C            G                     D
 I love to watch the river flow 2x
… … … … 
   chorus:    G                                   D                           
       It goes ooh wah ooh wah   Ooh wah ooh wah   
    A7                                                 D
  Ooh wah ooh wah   ooh wah ooh.  (repeat one time.)
    Verse 2:  When I Jump Along the river….
    Verse 3:  When I dance along the river….
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