“Seated Dance Routine” music therapy / education activity for all kids, teens and adults

Age: 13 to 18 and everyone else (I use with pre-k but also good for the elderly)
Goal Area: Memory, attention, patterning
Name of Activity: Watson Allman’s Dance (Seated)
Objective: Clients remember and perform the step in the dance
Materials: Song Watson Allman by Sam Bush on Glamour and Grits. GREAT CD!
Method: I chant the directions until the group is familiar with them, then gradually fade them out.
Adaptations: (optional)  Have the members think of their own movements. (You’ll see the chant and the related motions below.)  The words and movement really mirror the music.   So you’ll hear what part of the words can be adjusted for your group.
I’ll underline the words that are best changed/adjusted, to try to make seem less difficult- but it’s not!
Submitted by: (optional name and email) Margie La Bella fro Music Therapy tunes.
Motions:  After the intro,  snap to the next 4 measures (counted slowly)
Part One:   feet feet feet and a clap clap clap. (repeat 2 more times.)    Then round and around and a tap tap tap.   (motions: move one foot toward you and the other foot away- repeat 2x and then clap clap clap.   Spin arms and tap knees.)
Part two is same as  part one.
Part three: Throw the baseball and hit it with a bat. (repeat 2x) Now two thumbs up what do you think of that?  ( pretend to throw a ball. Clasp hands together on one shoulder, switch shoulders, and return to the first one- like bad batting.)
Part Four: Open close. Open close,  and clap, clap, clap. Repeat 2x.  Then round and
Part Five: Twist, twist, twist and clap, clap, clap
Part 6: This is a repeat of part three
Part 7: This is a recap of part one




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