“Shadow Dancing” music therapy activity for Groundhog’s day

-Age: 6 to 12
-Goal Area: social skills (leading and following)
-Name of Activity: Shadow music.  Great for Groundhog’s day.
-Objective: Clients take turns going behind the screen and having the rest of the group imitate their movement/dancing.
-Materials: overhead projector or other light source, sheet, music of a variety of styles.
-Method: Hold the sheet perpendicular to the floor in front of the light source. Have the kids move between the sheet and the light to create shadows. Practice ways to move and make shadows. Have kids come up one or two at a time, or in small groups, or make a parade with everyone going around the sheet. Hold other objects behind the sheet and have the children name the object.
-Adaptations: “Greg and Steve” have a song called “Just like Me,”  which is great for this.  This activity is great for groundhog’s day.
Try it with short excerpts from a variety of musical styles, genres, orchestrations, and time periods. This is good for helping to establish
a relationship between what is heard and a related physical response.
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