“Spiders cookin’ in the Pan” a Halloween Poem and activity for music therapy and music education by Margie La Bella of Music Therapy Tunes

I love it when the kids themselves help create a new activity.
Benefits: stimulates attention, participation, movement, expressive language, number concepts and more
This rhyme was originally written up as the following: https://www.musictherapytunes.com/wp/?p=1456

 1 little spider cookin’ in the pan.

He went Pop and he went Bam!

 2 little spiders cookin’ in the pan.

One went Pop and the other went Bam!

 3 little spiders cookin in the pan.

One went Pop and the others went Bam! etcetera
Method: Ask the children to imagine that the tambourine/framedrum/lollipop drum is a frying pan.  Then drop one spider into the pan and chant the rhyme.  Encourage children to say the rhyme, especially the words “pop” and “bam.” On the word “bam” tap the bottom of the drum hard enough to send the spider flying. This should really elicit some good attention. Ask a child to go find the spider and describe where it is. This is good for language concepts such as “over,” “under,” “next to” and more.  Add a spider to the pan and have the class count the spiders.  Repeat witrh 2,3,4 spiders and more. 

 Variations: Have the kids think of other creatures. Then hold a large frame drum over their heads. Kids jump up and create a thump on the drum using their heads. It may or may not be in your job’s best interest to do this activity, but again, the kids all love it.  Use with discretion as to who you play this variation with. Don’t forget – the thump is 100% created by the child.


Follow up with “There’s a spider on my head, on my head”…..  (Happy and you know it.)



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