Summer Bug Bite Song: “Remove it!” music therapy camp song for young children by Margie La Bella of music therapy tunes

Name: Remove it
Composer: Pam shiller on her “Bugs, bugs, bugs” CD
Tune: Dixie
Age: 4-8
Goal area: Social skills (following rules, natural consequences)  language
Method: Tell the story of the lyrics by pretending and acting out the words. Perhaps even go as far as to take your shoe off for verse two. Raise you hand, look up and sing the bee’s part in a high cartoon-like voice. (Use a low voice for the ant.) Point your finger and look like you mean business as you sing “take it out! Remove it.”  The kids will love the repetive lyrics and giving stern directions to the creatures. Mine do! Discuss bug respect and consquences for not listening. Make up your own verses.
Melody: Dixie (A way down south in Dixie.)

 Oh I stepped my foot on a little ant’s hill and the little ant said

“you better be still…take it off. Take it off. Take it off. Remove it.”
 Oh I didn’t take it off and the little ant said
if you don’t take it off you’ll with you had
take it off. Take it off.  Ouch! I removed it.
 Oh I stuck my hand in the little bees hive and the
little bee said “Goodness live”
take it out.  Take it out. Take it out. Remove it. 
 Oh I din’t take it out and the little bee said
if you don’t take it out you’ll with you had. Take it out. Take it out.  Bzzzzzz. I removed it.
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