Top 10 September Songs

You can change up the lyrics and have songs for any goal/objective with several of these songs.

  1. Hello Everybody I’m Glad to See You aka Music Together
  1. Frank Leto’s Hello Everybody Clap your Hands .
  1. 15 Hello songs Video compiled by yours truly.
  1. 12 Goodbye Songs Video

Audio down load of both medleys here: (You may have to click for it once, then once again. I’m having a website glitch:

  1. Another Great Song is Yo Gabba Gabba’s “Stand Still” on the above page. The video link with chords and words is here:
  1. Frank Leto’s Move your Dancin’ Feet

BTW, Frank Leto has some excellent songs for older children. Here’s my favorite album:   Great for Auditory discrimination, auditory memory, focus and attention.

  1. Stand Up Sit Down
  1. M0ve and Stop
  1. Sing/Play an Echo Song
  1. How ‘Bout You by teaching English
  1. 7 Days in a Week Jack Hartman


  1. Greg and Steve have an excellent ABC Rock



13.Number Rock


  1. ABC from Songs at my Speed by Margie La Bella


  1. Me and My Energy


Bonus: Elephants have Wrinkles


Bonus:Go Seek with the Moon by Eric Herman


Bonus: 1,2,3, Whee



FREE MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS on YouTube! Great for Music Therapy Activities and Music Education Lessons. By Margie La Bella of

What’s the News??

Where is it?  You Tube!  From My Channel’s Video Manager you’ll see the  Creator Studio where  you will find Create where you have three choices.

1. Free music   2. Ad supported music and 3. Sound Effects

Why is this so awesome??!   Think of all the activities you can create with these!   They come is different categories so you can address home sounds, animal sounds, tool sounds; varied things from people’s daily experiences.

Goals could range from attention/ focus, to expressive language, auditory desensitization,  to fine motor manipulation of small objects (think sound bingo chips) to song writing.

Some potential activities could be: Sound Bingo, Name that Sound, adding sound fx to song writing activities. I find playing “Name that Sound” a wonderful and effective way to focus and calm a group of wiggly preschoolers who need to learn  What can YOU come up with??You tube act page 1YouTube Audio Library 2

The Bird Song; a quieting calming activity song with motions for music therapy / education for young children by Margie La Bella of music therapy tunes

cute head shot with head feather2

Up in the Sky Song Activity

This is a nice quiet centering song that tends to focus and calm the children.

It’s good after a more active activity or toward the end of a session.

Way up in the sky (jump high)
The little birds fly (flap arms)
While down in the nest (form nest with arms)
The little birds rest (hands next to head like napping)
Shhh! They’re sleeping. (stage whisper shh! say quietly they’re sleeping)

With a wing on the left (fold left arm under)
And a wing on the right (fold right arm under)
The little birds sleep (hands next to head like napping)
All through the night.
Shhh! They’re sleeping. (stage whisper shh! say quietly they’re sleeping)

The BRIGHT SUN COMES UP! (as in itsy bitsy spider)
The dew goes away (hands like tinkering on a keyboard)
Good morning, good morning, the little birds say (point to class members)


Optional 3rd stanza: Up comes the sun. Down comes the dew.

Good morning,   good morning, good morning to you!

or Good afternoon to you, you and you.


Melody is here:

I learned the melody with a variation in the second line that goes like this:

g c e a,   d dc d c   or sol do mi la,   re re do re do where the 5th and 6th go lower than 1/do/c







TOP TEN Summer Music Therapy songs for Kids (by Margie La Bella of music therapy tunes)

Baby Shark

Three kids went Fishing in a Boat by Margie La Bella:

She Sells Sea Shells (music together)

Going on a Bug Hunt, Bug Bite Song (Remove it,) Do-ah-Ditty Swim, A -Camping we will Go, Can you Move with Me, Baby Bumble Bee are all up on my Summer Blog:

Fireflies by Anna Moo

Under a Shady Tree by Laurie Berkner

Down by the Sea by Red Grammer

Alligator Stomp by Anna Moo

Animals in Action by Jack Hartman



Top 10 Activities for May and June

Spring; I think they got the name from watching kids spring, jump, fidget, wiggle, and bounce!  In the effort to help kids express their inner exuberance, we music therapists provide lots of experiences to utilize that energy in a success-based,  positive experience.  Of course, the children might not be aware of it but we are also developing their attention span, body concept, self-expression, concept development, social skills and more!

I’ll provide as many you tube links as possible so you can hear the melodies. And please remember that any song that gives a direction can be modified where either you sing your own directives based upon the needs of  your student(s) or you can incorporate directions/movements that the student suggests.  PECs pictures can be used to interact with low-verbal kids. You can reflect (lyrically and musically) the motions of the group, if these are part of your goals.


Here are my top 10 late spring activities.

1. I’ve got the Sunshine in my hands (Lyrics can be worked to teach about seasons and related activities)

2. When the Rain Comes Down (Relaxing song beautiful for signing)

3. I love to Watch the River Flow (for following directions and vocalization of sounds)

4. The Caterpillar (for acting out the life cycle of a butterfly, and using imagination)

5. Under a Shady Tree by Laurie Berkner  (Singing and signing, acting out the lyrics, following directions)

6. Can’t sit still by Greg and Steve (energy expression, and following directions. Can be adapted in a myriad ways)

7.  Tweet Little Birdy by Margie La Bella (for acting out lyrics, repeating short sentences, vocalization, birds)

8. Inch by Inch, Row by Row (longer sentences, acting out the lyrics, taking care of our earth, growing plants…)

9.  Shake Something by Hap Palmer  (moving in specific ways reflecting a variety of concepts.)

10. One, Two, Three Wheeee  (for directions, impulse control, motor control)


Fun Birthday Song for children’s or elderly Music Therapy Group by Margie La Bella of Music Therapy Tunes

This was a spontaneous, group song that happened during a group instrumental “jam.”

The teacher called out “It’s Luke’s Birthday today” while we were playing “Skinamarink” for Valentine’s day.

We suddenly joined in (WITH Luke’s permission!!) a verse of a birthday version of the old standard.  It went like this:


Skinamarinky dinky dink. Skinarmarinky duke.

G………….. Am

We love Luke.   (Rhyme likewise for other people’s names.)

Am…………….. D7……………. Am……………….. D7

Skinamarinky dinky dink. Skinarmarinky duke.


We love Luke.


We love you in the morning and in the afternoon.


Happy happy birthday underneath the moon!


Skinamarinky dinky dink. Skinarmarinky duke.


We love Luke.




“Name that Sound” easy auditory discrimination and memory activity for music therapy and education by Margie La Bella of Music Therapy Tunes.

This is great! So easy and so useful!  I got some great cloth bags from BearPawCreek and used them to store instruments.  But I had one or two extra.  I put all my instruments into a bin and used the bag to scoop one up without the children being able to see what I was doing. Then, I played the instrument with my hands inside the bag and asked the kids to tell me what they heard.  We repeated the game for several common rhythm instruments and the class loved it!  We then followed up with a group instrumental song.

Good for the following skills: auditory discrimination, auditory memory, expressive language, attention span and focus.







This has been a blog by Margie La Bella of Music Therapy Tunes on the use of alternate

adaptive notation systems for children, adolescents, and adults who contend with

autism, add, adhd, down’s syndrome, down syndrome, ptsd, trauma, psychiatric issues,  learning disabilities, ld, cp, and all the rest of us. Thank you for reading.




I’ve been working on the Farm Yard / barn yard music therapy activity song for children (helps with vocalizing and vocal play.)

I asked my observation student, Anne Crean, to come up with an animal song. She said she tried to avoid “Old Mac Donald” and so adapted this song on her own. Great job “observing”, Anne!!

This song would work quite well with youngsters needing to discover and experiment with their voices and vocal abilities. Older tykes needing to associate animal sounds with animals and those needing experience in producing certain sounds (C-V, and CVCs) would also benefit from this one.

I’ve been working on the farm yard all the live long day.
D E7 A
I’ve been working on the farm yard to pass the time away.
A7 D G F#7 OR D7
Can’t you hear the cows all mooing; moo moo moo moo moooo.
G D A7 D
Can’t you hear the cows all mooing; moo moo moo moo mooo.

(Then- in place of “Dinah won’t you blow,” simply add in your own mooooosic and moo your heart out.)
Chords are:
D/D/G/G/A/A/D/D/ D/D/E/E/A7/A7/D//

Switch animals and related sounds until your group is all sung out.

TOP 10 THANKSGIVING music therapy SONGS for children (and adolescents and adults: see list at end!) by Margie La Bella of Music Therapy Tunes

Hi Everyone, Here’s my list. Working on getting all the links done – but I’ve been looking all over!  At the bottom is a great link of songs for young and older adults from Time Out New Yorker’s List

1. Thanksgiving Swing 

2. Hi-ya Ho!

3. With my Long Tail feathers –  via Sue Ribaudo on her Earth Celebration CD

4. Uncle Joe

5. Barnyard Boogie by Greg and Steve

6. Family by Laurie Berkner

7. It’s Thanksgiving by Nichole Westbrook

8. The 10 Days of Thanksgiving by Rachael Rambach

9. Turkey Time by harry kindergarten

10. Move and Freeze

Bonus Link: 20 best Thanksgiving songs














This has been a blog by Margie La Bella of Music Therapy Tunes on Thanksgiving Songs for  children, adolescents, and adults who contend with autism, add, adhd, down’s syndrome, down syndrome, ptsd, trauma, psychiatric issues,  learning disabilities, ld, cp, and all the rest of us on our journey. That about covers it. Thank you for reading.


TOP 10 (plus) HALLOWEEN Songs for music therapy and music education activities for children

My top ten Halloween Activity Songs

1. The Monster Hoedown (slowed considerably) I have a video explaining how to do that.
2. On Halloween Day on Halloween Night (changing some words depending on age group)
3. It’s a Halloween Party by Frank Ledo
4. Spooky Loo
5. The Dark Dark House (sometimes I change the last word Ghost to Toast to make it less scary for little folk.)
6. Laurie Berkner’s Monster Boogie Song
7. Werewolves of London (It has a Sweet Home Alabama feel and is great for vocalization on “ooOOooo.)  Also good for the “ooOOOoos” is “Skin and Bones” at
8. Mr. Billy’s “His Name was Jack.”
9. Moving to Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King”
10. On Halloween Night by Peter Allard and Sesame Street’s Monster in the Mirror

****Bonus songs *****are my two Halloween Song videos with 6 songs total. Check out:


Lastly, here is a list of Timeout NY’s  TOP 20 Halloween Songs











This has been a blog by Margie La Bella of Music Therapy Tunes on Halloween songs for use with  children, adolescents, and adults who contend with autism, add, adhd, down’s syndrome, down syndrome, ptsd, trauma, psychiatric issues,  learning disabilities, ld, cp, and all the rest of us on our journey. That about covers us. Thank you for reading.