“Sequencing Movement Picture Dance” activity lesson plan for music therapy for Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall season.

Goal: to stimulate attention span and language development

Objective: Students will select a card, describe the card, and imitate the action depicted in the card. Students will perform the action suggested by several pictures in a row creating a dance movement pattern to a meaningful song.

Materials:  a song (I find instrumental is better bc the children don’t get distracted by the words,) mp3 or cd player, pictures depicting actions.

Method: Therapist calls a child and asks him/her to select a picture. The child identifies the action depicted and comes up with a related movement. The therapists asks questions regarding the picture and helps the student answer (who is that, what are they doing, he is moving his____? Show me how you do that.)  The therapist asks several students to select a picture and then encourages the children to do each movement in sequence – creating a sort of dance.  Put on the music (I like instrumental) and move along.  Remember that less verbal students can show comprehension by pointing, gesturing, or moving.  There are many ways to answer a question.  If you need help, ask a Speech therapist or teacher to guide you.

Adaptations: Have the pictures correlate with a unit or topic the classroom teacher or other therapist are presenting.  I often do seasonally related movements.  Being that it’s nearly January 2013, pictures can include zipping a coat, pulling on boots, making snow angels, throwing snowballs, drinking hot cocoa……