“The 12 Days of Song Writing” for music therapy with children and teens

-Age:  6 to 12 and older
-Goal:  cooperation and cognitive skills
-Name of Activity:  The Twelve Days of Whatever (you’d like.)  First day of school,   Halloween, -Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Arbor day….Vacation.
-Materials: Pen and paper, instruments to accompany each verse and represent each character.
-Method: Write it. Assign instrument parts. Have the students play when their character is mentioned.
-Draw pictures to symbolize each part of the song and each corresponding instrument.
-Submitted by: Margie la Bella of musictherapytunes.com
-Melody: the 12 days of Christmas 
Sample words: On the first day of Halloween my ghoulfriend gave to me.
1. An owl in a haunted tree.  (The instrument could be a whistle, blowing into a bottle, an ocarina….)
2. Two trick-or-treaters  (Say it in an obnoxious voice.)
3. Three scary skeletons  (play a guiro or clatterpillar)
Make up your own with your own creatures.  
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