The Bird Song; a quieting calming activity song with motions for music therapy / education for young children by Margie La Bella of music therapy tunes

cute head shot with head feather2

Up in the Sky Song Activity

This is a nice quiet centering song that tends to focus and calm the children.

It’s good after a more active activity or toward the end of a session.

Way up in the sky (jump high)
The little birds fly (flap arms)
While down in the nest (form nest with arms)
The little birds rest (hands next to head like napping)
Shhh! They’re sleeping. (stage whisper shh! say quietly they’re sleeping)

With a wing on the left (fold left arm under)
And a wing on the right (fold right arm under)
The little birds sleep (hands next to head like napping)
All through the night.
Shhh! They’re sleeping. (stage whisper shh! say quietly they’re sleeping)

The BRIGHT SUN COMES UP! (as in itsy bitsy spider)
The dew goes away (hands like tinkering on a keyboard)
Good morning, good morning, the little birds say (point to class members)


Optional 3rd stanza: Up comes the sun. Down comes the dew.

Good morning,   good morning, good morning to you!

or Good afternoon to you, you and you.


Melody is here:

I learned the melody with a variation in the second line that goes like this:

g c e a,   d dc d c   or sol do mi la,   re re do re do where the 5th and 6th go lower than 1/do/c







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