“The Witch Flew High” Halloween music therapy / education poem to echo and act out

-Age:  6-12 and younger
-Goal Area: Halloween– Expressive language,  vocal inflection and imitation, conceptual
-Name of Activity:
-Objective: Kids echo the short phrases after the therapist or take turns reading the lines in a spooky manner or in the manner suggested by the lyrics.   Kids move as the song suggests.  Kids modify their voices as the song suggests.  
-Materials: song, optional mic
-Method: Sing and do.
-Adaptations: Make up a sound track or sound effects. 
-Submitted by: (optional name and email) Margie@musictherapytunes.com
Lyrics,chords, solfege, melody used: This one is chanted.
-Source unknown. Please let me know who the author is if you know! Carol Bitcom?
The silliest thing  (echo)        I’ve ever seen   (echo etc.)          is wacky old witch (etc.)     on a flying machine. 
The witch flew high.    The witch flew low.    The witch flew fast.      The witch flew slow.
The witch flew up.       The witch flew down    She circles all around the town.
Then turning left           and turning right,      she disappeared         into …the…night.
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