Top 10 Activities for May and June

Spring; I think they got the name from watching kids spring, jump, fidget, wiggle, and bounce!  In the effort to help kids express their inner exuberance, we music therapists provide lots of experiences to utilize that energy in a success-based,  positive experience.  Of course, the children might not be aware of it but we are also developing their attention span, body concept, self-expression, concept development, social skills and more!

I’ll provide as many you tube links as possible so you can hear the melodies. And please remember that any song that gives a direction can be modified where either you sing your own directives based upon the needs of  your student(s) or you can incorporate directions/movements that the student suggests.  PECs pictures can be used to interact with low-verbal kids. You can reflect (lyrically and musically) the motions of the group, if these are part of your goals.


Here are my top 10 late spring activities.

1. I’ve got the Sunshine in my hands (Lyrics can be worked to teach about seasons and related activities)

2. When the Rain Comes Down (Relaxing song beautiful for signing)

3. I love to Watch the River Flow (for following directions and vocalization of sounds)

4. The Caterpillar (for acting out the life cycle of a butterfly, and using imagination)

5. Under a Shady Tree by Laurie Berkner  (Singing and signing, acting out the lyrics, following directions)

6. Can’t sit still by Greg and Steve (energy expression, and following directions. Can be adapted in a myriad ways)

7.  Tweet Little Birdy by Margie La Bella (for acting out lyrics, repeating short sentences, vocalization, birds)

8. Inch by Inch, Row by Row (longer sentences, acting out the lyrics, taking care of our earth, growing plants…)

9.  Shake Something by Hap Palmer  (moving in specific ways reflecting a variety of concepts.)

10. One, Two, Three Wheeee  (for directions, impulse control, motor control)


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