Top 10 Music Therapy / Education Songs for April by Margie La Bella of Music Therapy


1.   Bunny Hop Jump by Music with Mar! A total hit for kids and staff.  Kids follow a sequence of 4 motions to a modern, clubby sound.  Music Check here.

2. One Green Jelly Bean: Kids sing moderately “long” phrases, motion to each phrase, and perform a backwards sequence of movements.  Great again.

3 and 4:  2 cute Easter/Spring songs for tykes

5. When the Rain Comes Down. Here’s my video.

Beautiful tender song for signing and singing. Good for a graduation song too.

6. Sunshine in my Hands by the Partridge Family.  Can you believe it!? I saw it as an Orange juice commercial and thought it would work great. Nice, Gospelly beat and repetitive lyrics.  We just cut out all the Halleluia’s for our graduation ceremonies. Depending on where you work, you might leave them in!

7. Tweet little Birdy by … me.  Fun, engaging song for repeating short phrases, acting out the lyrics and vocalizing the chorus.  Via this page: On the Mixing it UP (Green) CD track #7.

8. Hap Palmer’s “Shake Something” with shaker eggs as a prop. I LOVE This Song!

9. My “Shake it on your Head” via eggs on the Sing CD tracks # 5 and 13. 

10. Inch by Inch: Classic semi repetitive chorus with motions.

Bonus: 11. Don’t forget about “I know a Chicken” by Laurie Berkner

12. Rockin’ Robin, The Chicken Dance, …..


By Margie La Bella of Music Therapy Tunes. Songs may be helpful and fun for music therapy activities for children with autism, pdd, adhd, add, cp, downs syndrome, language delay,  etc. Ok, they’re for everybody.

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