Top 20 BENEFITS OF KAZOOING by Margie La Bella of

1. Improved inhalation, exhalation, breath control.
2. Fosters vocalization and vocal play.
3. Improves awareness of lips, teeth, tongue.
4. Improves coordination of lips, teeth, tongue, and breath.
5. Improves oral musculature
6. Improves awareness and use of inflection and high, middle, low.
7. Improves auditory memory via echo games
8. Improves auditory awareness and processing of loud, soft, fast, slow, high, low…
9. Improves conceptual understanding of the same.
10. Allows shy singers to remain “anonymous.”
11. Children who can produce melodies but not words can succeed.
12. Easy group and solo success. Easy and convenient for Jamming/improvising.
13. Can help Foster turn taking
14. Fosters audiation: hearing the words within the mind. (Like “Bingo.”)
15. Easy to play name that tune with.
16. Fosters understanding of the give and take of conversation, musically.
17. Can help reduce nasality in hyper-nasal clients.
18. Can provide for mulch-generational interaction and fun.
19. It’s portable, accessible, and adaptable.
20. It is fun. Whoo-hoo.
A note on kazoo pedagogy: Instruct and model the process of vocalizing into a post-functional paper towel roll. Position the roll in front of the ambusher (your mouth) and vocalize a tone for the student. Have the student do likewise. Transition to the actual kazoo. Some naive students may think all that is needed is breath without sound. With younger players, the resonation device (thin paper) can be
removed so that the child can hear himself singing through the kazoo. I tell these students to“sneeze” or “howl” into the kazoo to foster proper vocalization and sound production. If this results in more
breath without voice, I suggest that the student make a long “whoooo-ooo” train whistle or perhaps a monkey sound. Once the student consistently vocalizes into the instrument, the resonating device (little thin paper thing screwed in the top) can be returned to proper position.
-Margie La Bella

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