“Two Christmas Holiday songs” for music education/ therapy activity idea for preschool children

Realm: Musical Speech therapy songs for MTs
Age: 0-5 +
Goal: To improve expressing language particulary the “ing” present tense.
Name of Activity: Christmas is…
Materials: Pictures depicting lyrics and lyrics.
Method: Sing and do
Submitted by: Margie@musictherapytunes.com
Melody:  I have this song up with the chords and pictures, on my video page.  NOTE: to take the exact pictures off the video. Find the picture you want, press print screen (located along the top line of keyboard keys, next to F1, F2…F12…) then go to the program “Paint” and click the “Paste” button. Save the image to your desktop and print!
Carolers singing, singing, singing.  Church bells ringing, ringing, ringing.
 Snowflakes dropping, dropping,  dropping.   Popcorn popping, popping,  popping.
Mothers sewing, sewing, sewing. (Ok, you can change it if you want…)  Candles glowing, glowing, glowing.
Cookies baking, baking, baking. What is taking, taking, taking soooooo long?
Realm: Christmas songs for toddlers and preschoolers
 Age: 0-5+
Goal:  To improve expressive Language
Name of Activity:  The toy shop
Materials: pictures and items described in song’s lyrics.
Method: Show sing and do.  Leave off the last word in the phrase for the children to supply.
Adaptations: This song needs updating.  Go for it.  The italic words can be adjusted. Get pics from a catalog.
Also this is a good song to start a discussion about what kids want for Christmas/Chanukah/you name it.
Submitted by:  Margie La Bella of Music therapy tunes
Melody: Up on the House top
 Here is a window in the toy shop. Here’s a balloon that goes pop.
 Here is a top that spins in a ring. Here is a bird that can sing.
 Here is a soldier who can walk. Here is a doll that can talk. 
Here is a funny jumping jacks man.  Here’s a sleeping raggity Ann
Say goodbye to the toys. Shhh, quiet. No more noise.
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