“Two cute Easter / spring” music therapy songs for preschoolers

Realm: Music therapy songs for “Spring” and/or “Easter.”
Age: 0 to 5 and older
Goal Area:  Language
Name of Activity:  Out of the Egg
Objective:  Improve vocab of body parts, expressive language, vocalization,  awareness of low to high and back down to low
Materials: Song, possible pictures and/or puppets
Method: sing and do.  We begin crunched down on the floor and work our way up phrase by phrase.  At the end we peep down to the ground.
Adaptations: (optional)   Stop singing at the end of the phrases and wait for the children to fill in the last word. 
Submitted by: (optional name and email)  Margie@musictherapytunes.com
Melody: Each line goes up a scale note.
Words: Peck, peck, peck on the warm brown egg. …..    Up comes a neck.  …..  Out comes a leg.
             Here comes a wing with a ………flap, flap, flap………    Happy Easter/spring……..  everybody. …….      What do you think of that?
Then sing down the scale:    peep, peep,  peep, peep,  peep, peep,  peep, peep.  Shhhhhhhh!  (You can use bak, bak, or other bird sound.)


Realm: Easter or Spring Songs for young children
Age:  0-5 +
Goal Area: Receptive language, memory, attention and motor skills
Name of Activity: The Bunny Hop
Objective: Children perform the sequence of movements in the song.
Materials: Kids,  live or recorded group-appropriate instrumental version of the “bunny hop” , lyrics, dancing space
Method: Have children stand in a circle.  Model each motion and encourage participation.  Sing or play the song and act out the motions.
Adaptations: Write you own silly song about a pet.  To stimulate vocalization, make all the sound effects the song suggests. 
Submitted by: (optional name and email) Margie La Bella
Words:  First you wiggle your nose. Then you move your ears.  Then you shake your tail and you go hop, hop, hop. (repeat 3x)
              During the musical interlude (between the verses), hold hands and circle right then circle left.   (Do what fits.)
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