“Two-Step Direction Song” music therapy lesson plan for kids

-Age:  6 to 12 and younger
-Goal Area: social skills (but also physical and language skills, too.)
-Name of Activity: Two step directions
-Objective: Clients will take turns naming ways to move and then moving in those ways- two movements per verse.
-Materials: “ Two-step directions” adapted from  “I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair,” from South Pacific.  (You can find the melody on you tube.)
-Method: Ask two children to think of a way to move and incorporate their suggestions into the song lyrics.  Give everyone a turn.
-Adaptations: provide an entire verse for one child/motion.  Make different classifications of movements such as “how can you move your hands,” or
“Show me a slow way to move,” or “how do you move when you’re sad.”  Of course you can pick a different melody if you like. 
-Submitted by: (optional name and email) Margie La Bella of Music therapy tunes. com
An example of this would be: (providing you reflect the childrens answers.)
     (G)            C            C/B               C/A    C/G   
I’m gonna clap my   hands and  turn around.
(repeat two more times.)
          Dm                            G7
Good job Manuel and James.    End last time on chord “C.”
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