Music Therapy Videos for Speech Therapists, Teachers, Parents & Kids

This page is WELL worth the wait (if it takes a moment to load.) Click ON THE TOP of each video  to view their Titles and Purpose/ Goals. Don’t forget about the more info tab! Check out the Holiday videos! These music therapy videos have a focus on speech therapy and speech and language.


Old Mac Donald with slowed lyrics and a rockin’ beat designed to give kids time to sing the words.

Basic guitar strums part 1

Basic Guitar strums for interns, field work students, and other beginning guitarists.  Part 2.

Basic strums part 3.

Move and Stand still song.  Vigorous movement vs quiet relaxation.

“Hey Mr. Monkey” share with everyone you know. This is a freebie on the Freebie page. Oral Motor and vocalizing.

The Caterpillar song. Act out and move to this relaxing story of transformation.

Love Grows.  Beautiful song for Valentines Day, graduation, or any celebration.  Sign language modeled.

A favorite song of a boat adventure.  Good for short phrases, short sentences, and acting out/moving along.

One of the best songs for the “B” sound, bilabials, and lip closure I’ve ever come across; with a little Janice Joplin.

Laurie Berkner’s Buzz Song adapted for a music therapy group with instruments.

Buzz by Laurie Berkner

The Goldfish; a zany fun song for kids to act out and discuss.

My Energy; great for signing “me” and following simple directions.

I heard my Dog Bark: sooooo good for vocalization and attending!

Walk Along the River by Laurie Berkner; a winner for increasing vocalization and vowel sequencing.

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